One-dollar Roses, Sushi, $2 Buck Chuck, & Charlie Rose

Crazy busy week of travel and major work projects! Translated this means there’s not been much time for dating. Yet, there it is looming before me – the commitment to do something special with myself. 52 Dates with Myself! Good grief! It’s already Wednesday night and the rest of the calendar this week is full.

Hey, do I like this girl, or what? Well, of course, I do. Do I want her to like me? Absolutely.

Alright then, stick with your commitment and do something nice for and with me.

But the cupboard is bare. No milk, no bread, no Greek yogurt! I need to stop off at Kroger’s new Marketplace on the drive home.

Yes, a girl does have to eat even if she has to run through the rain to buy groceries.

What? What’s this? Seriously? A dozen red roses for $1.00!!!

Sure, I recognize they are Valentine cast-off’s never destined to fulfill their intended $30.00 romancing role. Never mind that. Like finding a gem at a yard sale, I eagerly snatch them up, then gently put them in the top of my cart. Perusing the rest of the store, the smug and satisfied smile remains with me. One last stop for  sushi from the deli. A special treat for dinner. Then it’s back out in the rain for the drive home.

Goodness, it’s nearly 7 p.m. Stack the pantry  and refrigerate the perishables. Suddenly, I see it. There on the second shelf, chilled and ready!

There’s a date about to happen. Me and my $1 roses, salmon sushi and a goblet of  $2 buck Chuck – Trader Joe’s famously thrifty Chardonnay. Shoes off, light a candle, settle into my favorite lounge chair, and find Charlie Rose on the tube. Ah, what a great date night!

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3 thoughts on “One-dollar Roses, Sushi, $2 Buck Chuck, & Charlie Rose

  1. Hi Pamela,
    I’ve noticed on your dates, you already are acting like an old married couple. Just wondering, if you had really just started dating yourself on Feb. 14, how would that be working for ya’?
    Are we going to spice it up a bit?

    • Morning Robin,
      Thank you for noticing and for the challenge with a hug. There’s such truth in what you say regarding “old married couple.” I mean, really, I don’t want to always see myself as my “cheap and dull date.” Spice is nice — anticipating the excitement of new adventures, fun activities, new landscapes to explore. Romantic interludes that make life interesting. I definitely want some of that in this coming year!!! So, we’ll work on going for some saltier salt here.

      No doubt it will not be the easiest thing for me. I’m a bit of the serious type. My Mom still tells stories of how when I was a kid, they had to make me get my nose out of the books to go play. And even on snow days from school, I preferred shoveling for $$ over building snowmen and snow forts. I’m not helplessly serious and task oriented, but these patterns do create “spicy” challenges for me.

      One other thought – I’m not sure I want to totally lose the comfort that comes along with the idea of “old married couple.” Implied could be boring, perhaps even dull or inattentive. Again, salt that’s lost its savor. I could probably be charged guilty of that at times. But there’s also something wonderful about simple comfort that’s familiar and grown over time. Acceptance. A relishing of small moments that when noticed seem special. To be relaxed. To truly love myself from a place of quiet appreciation. A cup of tea, a glass of wine, hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fire. A wonderful melding over time of the spices thrown into the soup pot making it better each passing day. There’s romance there, too, I think.

      Well, obviously, 52 Dates with Myself needs a well-stocked spice cabinet and some creativity in the kitchen to use them. Ok, I’m accepting any and all recipe ideas and am officially renewing my enrollment in dating cooking school!!!

      Bless you, Robin!


      • Agreed. The best music has many levels and so do the best experiences. If every song stayed on the high note or in a perpetual crescendo, it would be annoying. We need the quiet, slow-down times to appreciate and savor, the minor keys, the smoky, low-light notes. True romance lives in experiencing the full range. ❤

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