“Thank You” H.I. Salon & Spa and Brigette

For about a year now, my inbox has been flooded with daily offers from coupon companies like Groupon, Living Social, and Moolala. Usually deals from local establishments, they can sometimes be a bit tricky if you’ve never done business with the company before.

Like the two-hour housecleaning I purchased for $35. That was a great buy! Except for the fact that they called me the morning I was expecting them, which just happened to be the same evening that I was expecting to entertain my Mom for the weekend.

Now, every woman alive knows you always clean your house before your Mother comes! But if you’re working that day and the cleaning company suddenly calls to say they aren’t coming – well, your Mother feels like a failure, you feel like a failure, the dust on the bookshelf feels like a failure….

It’s just a dirty shame!

Groupon deals can often overwhelm the company who offers them. They get lots of buyers but aren’t prepared to handle all the business the offer brings. The discounted price can make delivery tricky, too. Ah, but I digress. For this post is really about my experience this past Saturday with a massage and facial at Hair International Salon and Spa. A purchase I bought from Groupon.

Hair International Salon and Spa markets itself as H.I. Salon and Spa. (I have a friend, Elizabeth, who is a communication coach. She hates acronyms for names like this, says they hinder understanding. She probably has a good point here. She often does. In honor of her, I’m going to refer to H.I. as Hair International throughout the rest of the post.)

Hair International is housed in what seems to be a large white house turned into multiple businesses. It’s not easily spotted, though once you know it’s there, you can’t help but notice the building against the stark fields surrounding it. A lone figure, seeming like a holdout to the expansion preparations for new construction going on all around it. The result of a close proximity to the new Parkview Regional Medical Center.

Coming from the West side of town, it’s tricky making your way to the business. The newly widened road sports a concrete barrier preventing a left hand turn into the driveway. I maneuvered into the westbound lane back toward the white house and made my way to the door. Inside, I was immediately greeted by owner Jessica McKean and esthetician Brigette Mckinnon, with whom I had my appointment.

Hair International's Brigette McKinnon (Licensed Esthetician) and me just before my massage and facial

Representing its name, Hair International‘s decor felt more salon than spa. Nevertheless, I was excited to begin.

The next hour was truly wonderful as Brigette worked her massage and facial magic. I wanted the clock to stop and the kneading, probing, warm towels and soothing music to continue forever. I’ve had several massages and paid much more for some, but this was one of the best. In 30 minutes, the knots in my shoulders were softened and in 30 minutes more, my face felt nourished and replenished.

Hair International wasn’t anything fancy. Without Groupon, I might never have ventured to it. I’m glad I did.

Simple, understated, and delivering great service! Can’t ask for more than that for one of 52 Dates with Myself.

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