A Mother’s Day Date with Nosey Flynn

"Oh, I've never seen old Ireland o'er the ocean
Tho' I've wished for the chance to greet it
In my mind I've always had a crazy notion
That I'd know a bit of Irish when I meet it."

(Stanza from "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?"

McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

This date doesn’t get to count as one of 52 Dates with Myself – but since I get to make up the rules of my dating game, I’m sharing it anyway. Such a special date with my daughter I had this evening as we ventured out on a rainy Nashville night to McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in celebration of Mother’s Day.

David Coe, Sean McNamara, and Josh Culley of Nosey Flynn Band

Our time began in the restaurant with a “proper” cup of authentic Irish tea served with milk and sugar. We also enjoyed an appetizer of steamed mussels. Nearing 6 p.m. we moved to the pub in preparation for the music of Nosey Flynn, a bit of Hart’s Lager and a pear salad, before capping off the evening with Irish coffee and Sean McNamara’s tenor voice serenading us to “O Danny Boy.

There are lots of places to visit in Nashville and lots of country music to be found. But there’s only one McNamara’s and one Nosey Flynn band. There’s also only one person in the world who could have made it such a special date for me. Thank you, dearest daughter – light and love of this Momma’s heart!

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