Welcome to my journey of 52 Dates with Myself: A Journey & Journal of Personal Romancing. Since it’s dates with myself, you can’t actually come along. But you’re welcome to live the experience vicariously.

So who is actually dating here?

Oh, just a gal with a heart of faith and fun, a mother and a former wife, a friend and a co-worker, a leader and a servant, a writer, and a dreamer.

Then there’s the woman who is a brave, courageous, transparent, and sometimes vulnerable human being who loves discovering connections for living in the every day activities of my life.  Just noticing the little things about what I’m doing and unfolding the principles they contain that can be applied to my life’s journey.

Seemingly insignificant moments often reveal insights and strength for the next steps, next adventure, next challenge, or the next relationship.  I call these insights my “gold keys,” and I love the power they contain to open doors to key life choices that bless and support me along my life’s journey.

I invite you to try your own personal 52 Dates with Myself romancing venture and to share with me here your blessings, ideas, experiences and struggles in that most important relationship with yourself.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. allforonefw

    My dear new friend what a lovely telling of our encounter. Wow! Your account gives me the joy of realizing a true God-thing occurred for you and for me. Eager for that cup of coffee. Blessings to you from our Father. Sharon Henderson, all for One

  2. Dear Pamela,
    I am thrilled to see that the gold keys have been made to open up all the doors for choosing the right choices. Although we cannot come along with you on your journey, but our heart and blessings will be with you all the time. I am so excited to read everything you will write on this journey.
    Thanks for sharing and God bless you. Arasteh

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